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Frequently Asked Q's

Take a browse through our frequently asked questions. If what you are looking for does not appear here, click the link below to contact us.

How long is the hire period?

Our services include up to 6 weeks hire. During promotional periods we offer up to 8 weeks hire. The hiring periods are standard as part of our service and conclude once the property is sold, unconditionally under offer or at the ending of the maximum weeks, generally whichever occurs first. 

Do we offer rebates if the property is sold sooner?

As the inclusion of hire is part of our styling service, we do not offer rebates for collecting the furniture/furnishings sooner.

What are your payment terms?

Full payment is due on booking, installation dates will only be placed on hold for maximum of 24 hours without payment. 

Can I select furniture?

No, we are qualified stylists, trained to select furniture and furnishings suited to your property, target market and demographic. 

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