Kangaroo Point
Waterfront Property estimated price
range $5.12m - $6.54m
Sold for the higher price range (price withheld)
Three Bedroom Property price range $1.60m - $1.80m
Sold for $1,780,000
Three Bedroom Property in original condition. Clients only investment was staging and garden clean up. 
Sold for $2,100,000
Large Family Home set on acreage sat on the market for 3 months with no offers. After staging it sold within 2 weeks for above market expectations. Read our clients feedback here
Sold for $2,250,000
Two Bedroom Apartment that sold TWICE! This designer show piece sold first in April 2018 and after settlement, the new owners had to leave abroad. We were asked to stage the apartment exactly the same again for the second time. No surprises it sold again and for a slighter higher price. 
Sold for $1,302,000
Oxley Park 
Brand new 4 bedroom Townhouses, our clients who are professional builders used one townhouse as the display suite and sold all 4 on the complex in record time.
Sold for $510,000 

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